Our Services

Estate and Legacy Planning

A well-engineered estate conservation plan can minimize tax liability and ensure that loved ones are protected. Pat works with clients and their professional advisors to analyze their current financial status and assess the potential impact of state and federal taxes on a client’s estate. Using this baseline, Pat develops and suggests strategies that will meet planning goals in coordination with personal philosophies and family needs. Pat can also help clients look at the benefits of a charitable giving plan designed to meet personal goals and achieve philanthropic objectives.

Wealth & Asset Protection

Pat can identify a variety of financial strategies and retirement income plans that can help clients accumulate assets for the future, such as business-related non-qualified deferred compensation plans, qualified retirement plans, and other instruments. Pat may also offer techniques to help shield your business and personal assets from liabilities or life events. In addition to death benefit protection, this can help safeguard asset transfer to children and grandchildren.

Lifetime Wealth Strategies

Clients typically include financial assets when they think about their total economic wealth, but they may overlook their largest asset – their “human capital.” Human capital is the present value of expected future labor income, or their earnings potential. Assessing the risk profile of an individual’s human capital and protecting it from potential investment, mortality and longevity risk should be a critical part of a client’s overall investment strategy. Through Lifetime Wealth Strategies, offered only by New York Life Insurance Company, and developed in collaboration with leading third party investment institutions, Pat is able to provide customized client proposals that include both asset allocation and insurance needs.

Executive Benefits

Most successful businesses employ talented executives whose contributions to the bottom line are critical. It is essential to attract and retain high-caliber people. Pat can suggest a variety of benefit packages that effectively retain key employees as well as attract new ones.

Business Succession and Exit Planning

A lifetime of work goes into the development of a successful business, often making it a client’s most valuable asset. An estate plan should be in place to protect that asset and ensure its viability and value long into the future. Pat can offer innovative strategies for the continuation of the business that address the needs of each family member.